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The best customer service is no customer service.
The best correlator to post-money valuation for premium SaaS companies is not monthly recurring revenue.
It's not revenue growth. It is churn.

Tomasz Tunguz – Redpoint Ventures

Why N2?

N2 builds your capabilities for keeping more customers and increasing revenue - by optimizing the customer journey for loyalty and operational efficiency.


We do it by helping identify speed bumps in the customer's quest for value and how you're enabling it; then crafting and implementing strategies that execute on the vision.

Customer Success Consulting

Catalysts for Engaging N2

"We've been so focused on new revenue, existing revenue is beginning to churn and we're not sure where to start..."

"Initial adoption is slow, or it drops off shortly after launch..."

"We don't have effective and/or repeatable plans for addressing 

at-risk customers..."

"We're buried in reactively responding to our customers and can't effectively 

preempt potential cancellations..."

"Getting customers on board seems chaotic, takes too long and it isn’t as effective as it should be..."

"We can't tell which customers are at risk and why..."


Customer Journey Mapping
CS Optimization Assessment

Using N2's assessment framework, get actionable insights and recommendations that drive revenue, loyalty and scalability.

Customer Success Analytics
Success Definitions & Churn Risk Analysis

Define the value customers receive from your service, the blockers to achieving that value, and the extent to which your customers are at risk.

Customer Success Technology
Technical Ecosystem & Measurement

Tracking and accessing critical data to support the customer journey, and getting accurate business insights is the foundation for scalability.

Customer Success Teams
Organizational Development & Evolution

Define roles, responsibilities and cross-departmental relationships to maximize the value of a Customer Success strategy.

Customer Success Modeling
Self-Service & Services Modeling

Determine the right mix and methods of self-service and human guidance (professional services) for helping maximize value.

Community Strategy
Community / Social Strategy

Build brand equity, innovate with customers, and develop brand advocates through modern and transparent communication methods.



N2 was founded in the summer of 2015 with the mission of helping SaaS companies quickly and effectively implement and develop Customer Success strategies and programs.

A common challenge with building out a Customer Success initiative is the need for deep industry or organization-specific experience and proven customer success operational know-how. N2's services are designed to address that challenge by delivering tactical know-how on an as-needed basis - saving time and money typically wasted on finding the perfectly experienced candidate (needle in a hay stack), or having an existing employee come up to speed on, and effectively evaluate and implement, a multitude of new process and system options. Using N2 allows business experts to continue to concentrate on what they're good at - delivering on their organization's unique value propositions. 

Using our comprehensive expertise and proven methods we can quickly and effectively identify and prioritize the most impactful opportunities; then, tactically execute on those opportunities, down to the finest details.


Founder, Doug Nugent has been leading Customer Success initiatives for 20+ years, having co-founded and sold a CRM consulting practice, then helping three successive SaaS companies through various stages of growth: Lithium Technologies, Get Satisfaction, and

His Customer Success teams delivered value to consumers and companies of every size, including some of the world's largest and most recognized.

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